Bernadette Kennedy

I am a native of Drogheda, Co. Louth, however my summers were spent  in Portmagee visiting my grandparents.

Portmagee nestles between the Kerry mountains and Valentia Island, surrounded by the stunning scenery of the Iveragh peninsula. It was the scenery of this area which first inspired me with a deep desire to paint.

I now live in West Kerry.

My work exhibits a strong emotional affinity with the Irish landscape. The variety of the Iveragh landscape is seen in my work – sea, lake, river, mountain, forest and rolling bog. My relationship with my subjects grew out of many childhood summers spent in the small village of Portmagee, nestling between the Kerry mountains and Valentia Island.

My development as an artist was a slow evolutionary process, which strengthened the emotional ties between the subject and artist, paving the way for a dramatic shift from the representation of actuality towards the subjective.

I believe that my paintings impressionistically create the essence of the landscapes I depict. I use colour, light and form imaginatively to reflect what I see in nature. I emphasise shapes and pattern to create an almost textured effect to surfaces suggesting a tactile appeal.

Some paintings have the strength and excitement of rich glowing jewel colours.  Others are delicate, tranquil, mysterious and calming, to give an almost dream-like experience. The colours become lucid, drenched in a vibrancy that extends far beyond the usual palette of greens, greys and browns.

In my use of flowing forms, light and colour I wish to share and to achieve a heightening of the senses while also communicating the mood and emotion as the scenes flow. I hope that the creative craft and vibrant colours redirects ones notion of the masculine towards the feminine.