A Kerry Artist and Musician
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Through the Kerry Orchestra Bernadette and Susan met the double bass player, Jan Dykstra. They joined together to form “Glashin” and perform a varied repertoire.


All the members of Glashin were particularly drawn to the Irish Baroque music of Turlough O’Carolan. Even though his music was written centuries ago, they find it as fresh and beautiful today as it was when it was written. It has continuously featured in their repertoire and they hope it brings pleasure to others through their CD.


Bernadette also uses her musical  talents as a cellist to play at her church and for local charity and community events.


Her musical background also involves Bernadette in dance and theatrical productions. She teaches dance classes at Tech Amergin.


Bernadette was invited to join the Kerry Orchestra, as a cellist, about 12 years ago. She joined a well established group of talented musicians. With the Kerry Orchestra Bernadette played in many public performances including two concert tours to France and two to Germany. In France the orchestra toured Brittany and the German tours were to cities in southern Germany, including Dusseldorf, Bremen and Berlin.


The orchestra specialised in traditional Irish music on their first CD. Bernadette and her daughter, Susan, featured on the second CD.